With trends being changing  constantly, it would be better to have your personal style quotient that defines your individual identity. Skinny jeans or Miss Me Jeans for women have been the latest favorite among most. So, below we’ll discuss some of the most comfortable and stylish ways to ware the skinny jeans and make a fresh style statement.

Skinny jeans for day and night

Skinny jeans are found in every wardrobe. Skinny jeans are absolutely stylish and they are affordable too. They can give you both cute and dapper look as per your mood and occasion. Skinny jeans go well both when worn up or down. They are easy to carry and very comfortable. All you need to do is make some twists in your regular routine or styling and you will become the next fashionista with a simple pair of skinny jeans. Skinny jeans are recommended for all occasions be it a date night or casual days or weekends or night out or even as office attire.

One pair of jeans and you are done

The first choice for skinny jeans or Miss Me Jeans for women is the darkest blue (indigo) or black if you prefer such colors. It helps to make sure no odd bumps or bulky portions of your lower half is on display and helps to make you look slimmer. They go well with casual as well as dressy tops. If you are ready to experiment with your style then try vintage washes and colored denim skinny jeans as they will give you a huge range to choose depending on whether you are at a party or the office.

Skinny jeans and long top

Many women like to wear a comfortable and flowy tops with their skinny jeans to maintain balance. If you are also in this group, you can also choose to wear a flutter sleeve blocked blouse, bohemian embroidered shirt or peplum top.

If you are slightly bulky on the bottom then you can pair up your skinny jeans with softer body slimming vest or flowy vest. This will help to cover your upper leg and derriere and give you a gorgeous look.

Also, a long belted boyfriend cardigan goes well with skinny jeans. Clenched near the waist it gives a proper shape and brings out the classy look.

To make things more interesting and intriguing, you can team up your jeans with a shirt a sweater with shirt tails hanging below the sweater. Choose a patterned shirt with a block colored sweater and the whole look will be very figure flattering.

High waisted skinny jeans

If you are good with the curvy look, wear your skinny jeans with a chic vertically striped shirt or top tucked in a high waist skinny jeans.

Skinny jeans with hip length top

If you are going on date, make sure you wear a hip length leather shell or silky tank top that narrows around your waist and flairs beneath imparting a perfect hourglass shape that gives an alluring feminine look. This outfit is ideal as an evening wear.

Skinny jeans with leather jacket

Want a hip and rocking weekend look? Team up your form fitting skinny jeans with a biker style leather jacket. If you are bulky then avoid a crop jacket. Rather wear a one that covers your hip and flatters your figure.

Classic coats and jeans

Jeans and a camel coat is the ultimate statement of a classy look. They are comfortable and the right choice for transitional seasons.